World Cultures Connect Training Continues



In October 2015 a World Cultures Connect training partnership was launched in Trinidad and Tobago in the form of a 3-day Training Intensive for a range of creative practitioners and professionals.

Part of the curriculum includes a series of follow-up webinars for participants and this week saw the successful second webinar session take place at the Culture Division’s offices.

The theme of this webinar was “Building strategies for engaging international audiences” and focused on the following areas:

  • Market Positioning and finding opportunities to take advantage of the Carnival Season’s opportunities
  • Developing creative brands and promotional materials/EPKs (continuation of  previous sessions)
  • An overview of summer festivals with an emphasis on Edinburgh Festival Fringe – as an example of showcasing/networking opportunities

The session was co-facilitated by Kate Mc Bain and Christabel Anderson, International Project Manager for Festivals Edinburgh (who is responsible for overseeing the more than 10 festivals based in Edinburgh and held a previous role in advising international artists on preparation for the Edinburgh Festival Fringe).