Third Workshop for Visual Artists held in Partnership with The Art Society

Registry Workshop

The Artist Registry has been finding ways to provide more than just database registration services to the artistic community. This workshop, comes on the heels of a country-wide outreach exercise at various TT Connect centres during the month of August and at the close of one of its annual flagship initiatives, Mentoring by the Masters.

The third in a series of partnership workshop events with the Art Society of Trinidad and Tobago, the workshop was held on Wednesday 16th September at the Helen May Johnstone Room at Queen’s Hall. The agenda included a presentation by master wire-bender and one of the Mentors for this year’s Mentoring by the Masters programme, Narcenio “Señor” Gomez on his life experience in the arts. A remote conversation with regional artist, Kishan Munroe of the Bahamas covered his unique combination and interests in fine arts, cultural heritage and new media.  The session closed with a panel discussion and Q&A on “Visual Art in a Broader Context.” Panelists were Clayton de Freitas, Visual Artist and President of the Art Society of Trinidad and Tobago, Daniella Carrington, Visual Artist and Cultural Officer and Malene Joseph, Creative Practitioner and graduate of Warwick University’s MA Creative and Media Enterprises. The recurring theme was the importance of a sense of “community” in the creative landscape and the benefit of an interdisciplinary application of skills.

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Some valuable discussion was generated by the participants.  Calls were made for more in-depth attention to be paid to issues such as much needed public education campaigns on the importance and impact of visual art, the “static” local art market and the need for investment education to market the concept of “art” as investment to a younger demographic.