Neighbourhood Connections

On Saturday May 13th 2017, at the St. James Youth Centre, the Ministry of Community Development, Culture and the Arts presented Neighbourhood Connections – “From Tamboo Bamboo to Steel Symphony Orchestra”, introducing the National Steel Symphony Orchestra alongside St. James Tripolians Steel Orchestra. Admission was free and the duration of the event was from 5-8 pm.

Neighbourhood Connections aimed at showcasing enjoyable and inspiring artistic skills to local communities through the professional national performing arts entities, such as the National Steel Symphony Orchestra. The event exposed the works of local community artistes, displaying sustainable educational and professional options to communities with young people taking precedence. The main objective of Neighbourhood Connections was encouraging the building of relationships and networking among craftsmen, amateur and professional artistes outside of traditional festivals and performances.

About the NSSO (click here- hyperlink)

About St. James Steel Orchestra

St. James Tripolians Steel Orchestra was founded in 1972 by Emmanuel ‘Manuel’ Camps (first leader) and others. Famous for being the first pan ‘round the neck’ band in the modern era, Tripolians established themselves as a quality steel band. In 1975, they took Panoramam by storm with their winning arrangement of ‘Do Dem Back’. They have consistently palced in the finals of Panorama and other national competitions. Tripolians have performed locally at eh Prime Minister’s residence, with mas’ bands like MacFarlane, and for special fucntions like the opening of the Hyatt Regency, and were the first steel band to play on the NAPA stage. They have also performed throughout the Caribbean. St James Tripolians Steel Orchestra is an indelible part of the fabric of the St James community, as they continue to enhance their contributions through educational workshops, providing socio-cultural activities for young people as well as playing for corporate functions and religious bodies in the community. St James Tripolians Steel Orchestra has reached a significant milestone, celebrating its 45th anniversary this year.