Ministry of Community Development, Culture and the Arts Grant Funding

As part of its mandate to support the preservation and continuation of the rich cultural heritage of Trinidad and Tobago, the Ministry of Community Development, Culture and the Arts provides financial support via grants to both individuals and nongovernmental organisations for projects that it deems important and which are aligned with its goals and objectives as stated in the cultural policy. These include celebrations of the National Days and Festivals, projects that are geared towards imparting knowledge of the rich diverse heritage of Trinidad and Tobago as well as those which seek to pass on traditional skills and make significant contributions to the development of the cultural sector.

Please note that the following deadlines MUST be strictly adhered to as they relate to funding applications for the upcoming Christmas 2015 and Carnival 2016 seasons:

  •   Applications for funding activities related to  the Christmas 2015 season must be delivered to the Ministry by Thursday 19thNovember, 2015. (extended deadline).

  •  Applications for funding activities related to the Carnival 2016 season must be delivered to the Ministry by Monday 4th January, 2016.

  • Applications must be delivered to the address indicated below and should be signed and submitted in hard copy form only.

  • Applications that do not comply with these instructions will not be accepted.


The provision of grants is only one mechanism used by the Ministry in assisting the promotion, awareness and encouraging participation in various activities of the cultural sector through partnership between the Ministry and with individuals/organisations. It should be noted that support is provided only for projects that are aligned with the mandate of the Ministry. The projects should achieve any or all of the following:

  • Encourage participation
  • Educate and sensitize
  • Showcase and highlight



  • An individual must provide evidence of involvement & competence in the area/field for which the grant is being applied.
  • First-time applicants should include a general description of their background particularly the level of involvement and/or work in the cultural sector.
  • Organisations must be recognized as a bona fide.
  • Organisations applying for the first time must submit a copy of their constitutional documents, names of office bearers etc.
  • A group or organisation should be properly constituted with sound financial management as evidenced by audited financial statements, for the preceding year.
  • Satisfactory evidence of local fund-raising should be submitted.
  • All supporting documentation must be submitted at the time of application. These can include invoices, letters, bills, recommendations, financial statements, contracts, venue bookings, samples of work etc.
  • In respect of overseas travel the following additional criteria will apply:
    • The group, organisation or individual must have earned a national reputation for excellence.
    • The tour should be seen to pursue and promote the national interest.
    • Evidence of the bona fide of the organizers of the activity must accompany the application.
    • The country of destination should be one with which active positive relationship should be fostered as can be determined by the foreign policy of Trinidad and Tobago.
    • In the case of Training Programmes, Seminars and Conferences, individuals will be eligible for assistance provided that the person, in the view of the panel to be established, has made or is capable of making a significant contribution in the field of culture.
  • Grants would not exceed 50% of the total accepted budget estimate for the activity or be greater than the sum raised by the applicant for the activity.
  • Individuals must be citizens of Trinidad and Tobago.
  • Applications from individuals/organisations will not be considered if funds previously received and for which has not been accounted.
  • Applicants must demonstrate that they have the ability/competence and resources to successfully execute their projects.
  • Applicants must wait for a period of one year after receiving a grant before another application can be made.
  • Agreement to be signed between the applicant and the Ministry agreeing to the project delivery within fourteen (14) days of specified date. Funds for projects not completed must be returned in full to the Ministry of Community Development,Culture and The Arts



All applications should be addressed to:

Permanent Secretary
Ministry of Community Development, Culture and The Arts
Level 20,
Nicholas Tower,
63-65 Independence Square,
Port of Spain.

To ensure prompt processing, applications must:

  • include detailed project proposal with project description & budget.
  • be submitted at least 6 – 8 weeks prior to start of the project.
  • be original and also bear an original signature of the applicant or the President of the organisation.
  • show all contact information including address and telephone contacts.
  • show proof of having a bank account in the organisation’s name. (for  organisations)