Mentoring by the Masters 2018 Call for Applications

In 2018 the Ministry of Community Development Culture and the Arts will host the 6th installment of Mentoring by the Masters. This year’s group of esteemed cultural icons and their courses are as follows:

Dr. Suzanne Burke  The Enterprise of the Arts
Meiling – Discovering the Fashion Industry
Wendell Manwarren 
– Let’s Make a Show
Felix Edinborough – The Pierrot Grenade In and Out of Carnival
Eintou Pearl Springer – The Art and Practice of the Story.

If you are interested in developing your creative skills with one of our mentors, please click the following link for more information and to access the application form:

Mentoring by the Masters 2018 Application Guidelines and Form

Deadline for applications is Friday 20th April, 2018. Space is limited so apply today.
For more information, call 225-4023 ext 4058, 4059, 4061, 4062, 4063 or email: