Mentoring by the Masters 2016- Celebrating our Cultural Icons

A specially selected group of Trinidad and Tobago’s leading cultural workers will assume the role of mentors as part of the fourth edition of the Mentoring by the Masters programme, which takes place from June to September, 2016. Visit here to apply to this year’s programme.

The 2016 mentors are:

  • Glendon Morris in Copper Arts
  • Kenwyn Crichlow in Professional Development
  • Ravindra Nath (Raviji) Maharaj in Festival Development
  • Stephen Derek in Carnival Arts
  • Rudylynn De Four- Roberts in Heritage Architecture Preservation

Mentors were selected from a field of nominees by the Assessment Committee of the National Registry of Artists and Cultural Workers, a Cabinet appointed group of experienced and qualified artists and cultural workers representing stakeholder organisations ranging from umbrella organisations, academic institutions and internationally affiliated entities.

The “Mentoring by the Masters” Programme was launched in 2012, as part of the Culture Division at the Ministry with responsibility for culture’s observance of Trinidad and Tobago’s 50th Anniversary of Independence.

The programme creates a space for knowledge transfer from senior, accomplished artists and cultural workers (the “Mentors”), to up-and-coming peers in their respective fields. The first installment of the project saw 75 persons benefit from mentoring sessions with Mr. Krishna Persad in Dance, Mr. Rodney Ramjit in Ramleela, Mr. Errol Ince in Music, Mr. Kim Johnson in Film and Mr. Zeno Constance in Theatre. All mentors were certified by the National Registry of Artists and Cultural Workers receiving awards at a ceremony held in April 2013.

In 2014, the second installment of the program saw a more direct alignment with five main pillars of development which guide the Culture Division’s work. These are:

  • The Development of Competencies in the Visual, Literary and Performing Arts
  • Cultural Industries Development
  • Performing Arts Entities
  • Heritage Preservation
  • Festival Development

Mentors were chosen by the Assessment Committee of the National Registry of Artists and Cultural Workers for their competencies in these areas. Our 2014 mentors were Mr. Earl Lovelace in Literary Arts, Mr. Joseph Valley in Heritage Preservation through Film, Mrs. Lindyann Bodden Ritch in Music Accompaniment, Ms. Marina Salandy- Brown in Festival Development and Ms. Renee Cummings in Professional Development.

In 2015, we were honoured to have Mr. Albert Laveau mentor in Developmental Theatre, Mr. Paul Keens-Douglas in Storytelling and Oratory Traditions, Mr. Narcenio Gomez in Wire Bending and Carnival Arts, trinidad + tobago film festival in Festival Development and Mr. Winsford Devine in Songwriting, Music Composition and Arrangement.