First Mentorship Session of Mentoring by the Masters 2015

MBM 2015 Orientation Mentees On Saturday 11th July, two days after the official launch of the 2015 Mentoring by the Masters series, the very first session for this year’s programme was held. The orientation took place at Theatre II, UTT at the National Academy for Performing Arts in Port of Spain. This year’s cohort of mentees is a total of 100-135 persons, across the disciplines of Developmental Theatre, Festival Development, Song Writing, Wire Bending (Carnival Arts) and Storytelling.

MBM 2015 Orientation_Reception Desk Saturday’s session served as a meet and greet for mentors and participants. Project guidelines were presented and ministry officials also provided an overview of the National Registry of Artists and Cultural Workers and its new and expanded online interface. What is the parallel between this mentoring program and the work of the Registry you may ask?

According to Elize Rostant, Programme Lead: “This initiative is used to build the capacity of our creative sector through the development of the skills of our creative practitioners. Professional Development is also an overarching objective of the programme and this year each participant will be required to develop a portfolio documenting their development throughout the programme. These portfolios will provide a foundation for persons who wish to apply to the Registry once they have completed the programme.”

The process of building a portfolio should:

  • Teach our mentees how to document their work (both the process of creating and the final product)
  • Generate samples of work and other items required for applying to our Artist Registry
  • Generate samples of work that can be used to access various opportunities in our creative community


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Look out for more on the 2015 Mentoring by the Masters series across the next 10-12 weeks!