Emancipation Exhibition

In commemoration of Trinidad and Tobago’s Emancipation Day on August 1st, the Culture Division’s Research Unit is working alongside Trincity Mall to host its 2017 Emancipation Exhibition. This interactive display is scheduled to be mounted at the Trincity North Atrium on July 26th 2017 and would contain a combination of handmade African Artwork, examples of African dress and craft, notable books relating to the celebrations significance and informational boards designed by the Culture Division Research Unit.

A smaller 4-day display will be set up at the Diplomatic Residence of the Prime Minister (OPM). Additionally, there will be a newly developed 13 board display for the façade of the Ministry of Community Development, Culture and the Arts’ building on Frederick Street. The display will be designed specifically to illustrate elements of African tradition and culture, and concurrently function as a standalone exhibition, while also complimenting and reflecting relevant themes in the other displays