Culture Division brings “Ten Days of Muharram” Film to Cedros

muharram cedros flyer

This weekend there will be a free screening of the film documentary “Ten Days of Muharram” brought to you by the Culture Division, Ministry of Arts & Multiculturalism.

As part of its commitment to the preservation and promotion of the intangible cultural heritage of Trinidad and Tobago, the Ministry commissioned the production of a documentary that would shed light on Cedros and its unique contribution to world culture via their Hosay celebration. The documentary, written and directed by Earnest Che Rodriguez was first screened in May 2013. The one hour and forty-six minute long feature documents significant aspects of Hosay while capturing the collective memory of practitioners from the Cedros region of south-west Trinidad.

Hosay is a very important festival celebrated in communities throughout Trinidad and Tobago. The observances have Islamic roots which were brought to our shores with the arrival of East Indian indentured labours in 1845. While the first noted celebration of Hosay took place in San Fernando in 1847, the festival is still commemorated today and has become a national symbol of cultural identity celebrated by persons of every creed, race, age and religious persuasion. It is a ritual observed in communities such as Sangre Grande, Brazil/Talparo, Arouca, Tacarigua, Tunapuna, Curepe, San Juan, St. James, Cunupia, Chaguanas, Couva, Princes Town and Cedros.

The documentary focuses on the genesis, religious influences, traditions of preparation and community involvement around the Hosay festival, with particular emphasis on the celebrations in Cedros, Bonasse, Fullerton, Bois Bourg and Icacos.

For more information, visit our website’s event calendar or call 868 627 4991.