Calypso History Month Exhibition

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The Remember When Institute has mounted its annual exhibition to pay homage to the history of Calypso during the entire month of October 2015. For more than a decade, the Trinbago Unified Calypsonians Organization (TUCO) has commemorated Calypso History in the month of October as a way to honour this majestic music. Debbie Jacob writes in Issue 111 of Caribbean Beat that TUCO has designated [it] as a time of celebration, reflection, protection, and affirmation.”

The Institute’s month-long display, housed at the Atrium of the Piarco International Airport, contains elements that celebrate the music, the events, and the artistes, that have made Calypso an acclaimed art form. The indelible mark made by Calypso on the local and international landscapes has been captured in this exhibit collection, highlighting some of the greatest performers and biggest events of the genre to date. The exhibition has been developed in manner that pays homage the art itself while also presenting the various areas of achievement in which calypso greatness has been prevalent.

To try and encapsulate even a small portion of the history and magnificence of Calypso through the years is a daunting, nearly impossible task; no one display or photographic exhibit can truly contain it all. The Ministry, in collaboration with TUCO has expanded the scope of this year’s commemoration by creating an additional, separate, yet thematically linked exhibition which will be on simultaneous display on the exterior walls of the Culture Division building at Frederick Street in Port of Spain.

Sparrow ExhibitionThe special exhibition of  items from the personal collection of The Mighty Sparrow, Treasures from the Hideaway, also continues to be free and open to the public daily at 2nd Floor, JOBCO Building, 51-55 Frederick St, Port of Spain.



Many individuals and organisations continue to launch commemorative initiatives for the occasion.

See below for a link to a Calypso History commemorative link of calypso hits through the years courtesy DJ Rawkus.


See below for TUCO’s event calendar for Calypso History Month 2015. Visit their Facebook page for further information.

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