Songs for the Period

Artiste Songs Year
Chalkdust Chaffeur Wanted ; Carnival is the Answer 1989
Monkey If the Prime Minister Dead’ 1989
Watchman Race Eh Done 1989
Allrounder Robbie Say 1989
Penguin Refugee 1989
Valentino Razor Man 1989
Bally Vallantine Party Time 1989
The Mighty Duke I Tried do That 1989
Sugar Aloes The Judge 1990
Black Stalin Nah Ease Up 1990
Watchman Heroes 1990
Cro Cro Political Dictionary 1990
Chalkdust Bush Yard 1990
The Mighty Duke Total Disorder 1990
Natasha Wilson Sweet T and T 1990
(A collaboration) Denise Plummer/ Chinese Laundry, Natasha/ Gyspy, The Mighty Trini,  Wilson, Brigo. We Go Come Back Good as Ever 1990
Black Stalin -Black Man Feeling To Party- Look On The Bright Side-Attack with full force

-We Could Make it if We Try


Morel Peters No Guns, No Weapons; Think Again 1991
Almanac Questions 1991
Cro Cro -Say a Prayer for Abu Bakr-Political Dictionary 1991
Brother Ebony Abu Bakr Take Over 1991
Pink Panther For The Good Times 1991
Sparrow Abu Bakr 1991
Val Waiting to Party 1991
Lady B Hostage 1991
Shoes They look for that 1991
JJ Howai Looters 1991
Pretender What Caused the Coup 1991
Witty Statue for Jean 1991
Axe Back Reflections: Are We Ready 1991
Cro Cro Still the BestParty 1991
Sugar Aloes The Decision 1991
Cardinal Abu Bakr Cou (coup) 1991
Watchman Tell me Something Good 1991
MBA Ah Doh Know 1991
Frisco Wizard Take Down the Dragon 1991
Rudder Hoosey/Under the Crescent Moon/Day of the War Lord 1991
Don’t Cry La Trinite Denise Plummer 1991
Sparrow We Could Make It Easy  If We Try 1991
Super Blue Get Something and Wave 1991
Brother Luther Driver Driving 1991
Watchman -Attach with full force- Panday Needs New Glasses 1991
The Mighty Duke Get on Radical 1991
Chalkdust You the Jury 1991