Our Musical Genres

Various genres can be found in our collection.

These range from classical African drumming and chants, to East Indian spirituals. Chutney, Chowtal, Parang, Soca, Mouthband Music, and Calypso are just some of the styles that speak to the creativity of our populace.

The link between all of these innovative sounds does not lie in their beat or harmony or melody, but in the very fact that they all serve as the pulse of a people. The Musics of Trinidad & Tobago will continue to express our tales, move our spirits and celebrate our history far into our nation’s future.

Samples of our Music

  • Calypso/Kaiso
  • Soca
  • Pan
  • Folk
  • Chutney
  • Chowtal
  • Parang
  • Bongo Songs

No Chutney or Soca samples presently available

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