Calypso History Month Exhibition (2013)

With a legacy spanning over a century, Calypso remains an iconic element of modern music; an important aspect of Trinidad and Tobago’s intangible culture, as well as a fundamental part of much of our local musical traditions and industry.

This distinctly West Indian music has spawned a vast number of talented troubadours, spectacular satirists, incredible icons and shining stars…but only a chosen few have ever reigned supreme by claiming the competition crowns of Calypso King or National Calypso Monarch – the apex of musical achievement within the genre. Only the “Best of the Best” who have been blessed with the talent, presence, performance personality and lyrical skill can earn this right.

The Remember When Institute’s signature calypso history month exhibition, mounted in October 2013, sought to provide its audience with a visual remembrance of the Calypso Monarch Winners from 1939 to 2013. The display provided nuggets of information about their lives and music. These artistes are the ones who have kept the music alive and have kept us dancing, laughing, and reflecting about life.

This presentation was a way to continue the process of honoring our local music and its creative icons, with dignity, splendor and the respect due to so crucial an element, of our cultural heritage.