About Us

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The Remember When Institute is the department within the Ministry of the Arts & Multiculturalism, Culture Division that captures the memories of our culture. Its core purpose is to provide a storehouse for the nation’s intangible cultural heritage. It is an institution dedicated to a systemized approach in continually recording and storing important artifacts, menti-facts, elements of traditions and memories for future generations.

The creation of The Remember When Institute as the repository for all our memories  provides not only access by the general public to a store house of our intangible heritage, but a systemized approach to the continued recording and storage of our memories for future generations.

One of the goals of ‘The Remember When Institute’ is to instil in both the present and future generations, a respect and understanding of various aspects of our cultural influences and practices; Practices such as traditional songs and dance, art, religious rituals, festivals, and agriculture. This is a journey into the origins of these unique multi-ethnic art forms, the only one of its kind in this Diaspora.

The Institute is the physical repository for the distinctly Trinbagonian material. Unlike other cultural repositories in Trinidad and Tobago the elements of the Institute are not only of written, official document nature, but are a compilation of several noteworthy pieces of cultural material, from thousands of audio visual items,  manuscripts and photographs which can be found nowhere else.

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