Birthplace and Childhood Home of Jason Griffith

Belmont Childhood Residence of Masman, Jason Griffith
Belmont Childhood Residence of Mas Man, Jason Griffith

One of Trinidad & Tobago’s renowned Mas men, Jason Griffith was born on Pelham St, Belmont on June 20th, 1927. He attended the Miss Lewis Private School and Belmont Boy’s Intermediate School. As a youth, he was influenced by Jim Harding’s Mischievous Sailor Band, which was popular in the 1930s. He first participated actively, however, in the revelry of masquerading in 1946, and has been involved in the production of headpieces for the Sailor Mas ever since.

After working with Mas director, Cecil Jobe, Griffith felt ready to launch his own production and did so with the U.S.S. Sullivan, in 1949. He later joined with other bands. Griffith has been very successful in the local Carnival and Mas Competition sphere.

For his dedication and commitment, he has received awards from the Carnival Development Committee (C.D.C), National Carnival Bands Association (N.C.B.A.), the Downtown Carnival Committee, Lucky Jordan, and  the Uptown Carnival committee. He was bestowed the National Award, the Humming Bird Medal Gold, in 1990.

Some of Griffith’s Old Fashion Sailor Mas presentations include:

1981 – Old Fashion Sailors, From 1930 to 1939

1990 – Old Fashion Sailors, In Retrospect of Belmont Heroes

1993 – Old Fashion Sailors, D Ken Morris Message

1995 – Old Fashion Sailors, Jason’s Golden Years

1999 – Old Fashion Sailors, Dance Caribbean

2000 – Old Fashion Sailors, Tribute to Jim Harding