Narcenio “Senor” Gomez

Narcenio Gomez

Narcenio Gomez, also fondly known as Senor Gomez, is one of Trinidad and Tobago‘s most prolific wire sculptors, with a career in Carnival arts spanning over 50 years.

Mr. Gomez was born in the 1930s to Venezuelan parents who migrated to Trinidad and Tobago.. Growing up in the heart of Port-of-Spain, he was surrounded by the sights and sounds of our annual Carnival festivities. It was not surprising that by age ten, young Narcenio began engaging in traditional Carnival Arts, specifically Wire Bending. This was the beginning of an illustrious career, spanning decades, and the creation of a legacy which has and will continue to shape the artisanal elements of Trinidad and Tobago’s Carnival.

Over the years that he has been designing and bending wire, creations by Mr. Gomez have graced the streets of Trinidad and Tobago during Carnival, from the elaborate fancy sailor headpieces to large scale King and Queen Costumes. His expertise has been sought after by academic institutions and cultural organisations worldwide, as his unique skillset has allowed for him to go to many countries, sharing his knowledge, with his typical affable personality.

Mr. Narcenio ‘Senor’ Gomez is indeed a living legend in the Mas Making fraternity of Trinidad and Tobago. His legacy and influence in the Carnival Arts will live on for generations and generations.