Very few people in the Caribbean are automatically known by their first name and Meiling (Esau) is the tour de force behind the premier fashion house, not only in Trinidad but throughout the Caribbean and South America. Since 1983, Meiling has worked closely with Emmy Award-winning costume designer, Peter Minshall on his Carnival productions and other artistic presentations. This collaboration has won her accolades, notably for her involvement in the opening and closing ceremonies of the 1996 Centennial Olympic Games in Atlanta.

Meiling is also known for her work with and support of local musical talents, including calypsonians David Rudder, and acclaimed Rapso artists, 3 Canal, with whom she has an extended working relationship.

Meiling is also a recipient of several Cacique Awards, her latest in 2012 was for costume design.  She was the first recipient of ‘Caribbean Designer of the Year’ at Caribbean Fashion Week (CFW) and in 2008 she received another award from CFW, this time, ‘Grand Master of Fashion Design’. In November 2007, Robert & Christopher Publishers launched Meiling: Fashion Designer, the second book in a series on local, female artists.

In September of 2008 she was presented with the Chaconia Silver Medal for long and meritorious service to Trinidad and Tobago’s business sector. She has gone on to win many awards and accolades for her work both locally and internationally and has represented Trinidad and Tobago on several occasions internationally, the most recent being at the first Commonwealth Exchange at Buckingham Palace.

These awards and recognition are the fruits of over forty years of hard work, tenacity, creativity and always keeping true to her mantra of not compromising on quality, design or workmanship.