Janice Patricia McLeod


Janice Patricia Price McLeod is the Chief Priestess and founder of Ile Eko Sango/Osun Mil’osa and Irentegbe situated at Santa Cruz, Trinidad. Commonly known as Sangowunmi, Mrs. McLeod is a certified practitioner in the fields of physiotherapy, osteopathy and naturopathy. Additionally, she worked at the Princess Elizabeth Centre, Government and Private hospitals, The Elixir Health Spa & Convalescence Home and Janice Health Clinic, both of which she owned and managed. She is the founder of various organizations and has published several literary works. Mrs. McLeod has also been a contributor to the Faculty of Humanities and Education’s Annual Prize Giving ceremonies, and assisted in maintaining the tradition of excellence in the fields of History, Literature and Drama at The University of the West Indies. She will mentor participants in Ifa/Orisa Traditions.