Felix Edinborough

Felix has committed himself to delivering the best pierrot grenade there could ever be in the Caribbean region for the past 31 years. He has travelled to several countries in Europe and North America, representing Trinidad & Tobago at cultural festivals and educating people on the history of this Carnival character.

It was while performing at the Little Carib Theatre that Edinborough became acquainted with comedian Paul Keens Douglas. Douglas invited him to be a part of his talk tent in 1983. Edinborough accepted and soon joined John Agitation, “Puggy” (mid-night robber) and other stand-up comedians. “I stayed with the talk tent and before I knew it, I was the permanent pierrot grenade.” Realising the character would be his role in Carnival, Edinborough continued his research on the pierrot grenade, reading books written by Andrew Carr, Errol Hill and others.

The retired teacher has taken the character of the pierrot grenade to primary and secondary schools, as well as for foreign university students who visit Trinidad and Tobago. He is highly sought after to perform at private and public Carnival functions, and has even been part of functions hosted by former Prime Minister Patrick Manning at his residence. He records his pierrot grenade portrayal in Germany at the 2006 Fifa World Cup as one of his most memorable. Declaring that his work in researching the character is never done, Edinborough said he would fall back when he was satisfied that someone else could execute the role of the pierrot grenade better than he ever did.