Ministry of Tourism, Culture and the Arts



Organization Application Tutorial

Welcome to the Organization Application Tutorial. To navigate the tutorial please keep scrolling down. This tutorial has fourteen (14) steps.


To access our application portal go to or click here.



To begin the process please click which type of application you would like to complete.


For application requirements for Individuals click here.


For application requirements for Organisations please click here.


After choosing applicant type please follow the instructions on the screen.


You will need to use an active email account as your username. This email account will be used to contact you when necessary.


Choose a password, confirm password and click ‘Apply’.


A verification number will be sent to the email address you entered above. Use this number to verify your account by following the instructions on your screen. It can take up to 15 mins for the number to be sent to your email so keep checking if you don’t see it right away. Be sure to also check your junk or spam folder. This number is only valid for three days. If not used within this time please request a new verification number under the ‘Apply’ tab on the application platform.


Once your account has been verified you can login whenever necessary by using the ‘Login’ tab on the application platform. You will need to enter your Username and Password.


On the ‘Welcome’ page you will see tabs to the right-hand side of the screen. Click on each tab and fill out the required information.


Please follow instructions on screen and enter your Organisation’s information. In this section you can type a ‘Profile Message’ which is a short, publicly visible message about your organisation and the work you do in the sector.


You can include links here to your different social media platforms, website or other sites you utilize for your work.


Please upload a picture of your company’s logo or an appropriate image to represent your organization in this section.


You must submit these files in order to continue your application:

  • Profile of the organisation (Outlining the organisation’s purpose, functions and structure)

  • Copies of the organisation’s articles of association or incorporation / constitution or by-laws

  • Copies of minutes of two recent meetings, one of which records the establishment of the current executive of the organisation


In this section you can choose the field you wish to apply for. If you do not wish to apply for any Fields of Endeavour and only want to certify work you can move to the next section.


You can choose up to five fields in each section (Artistic f.o.e/ Cultural Work f.o.e). You are not required to choose fields in both areas but you can do so if you wish to.


Please take note of the requirement for each chosen FIELD. The number of files required for portfolio evidence will vary depending on the field chosen. Please click here for more information on portfolio requirements.


If your desired field is not listed please choose ‘Other’ and type a title for your field. This will be reviewed for consideration when your application is being processed.



In this section you need to provide the names and resumes for three (3) executives of your organisation. Please note that we do not accept bios or profiles.


Once you add a name and position you will then be able to add a resume for that person.


If you are operating your organisation as a Sole Trader you will still need to supply two additional resumes along with your own. You can supply resumes from persons who would have worked with you on an event, project, as a facilitator, assistant etc.


This section is optional and is only required if you wish to submit a particular piece of work or works to be Certified, for example a script, audio track or film.


You can submit a maximum of five pieces of work to be certified at a time. This means you can only have five pieces of work pending approval at any point in time. You can however submit more work to be certified once previous work submitted has been certified.


Optional- Organizing Committees / Entities applying to certify a festival must submit:


Copies of the organization’s Articles of Association or Incorporation / Constitution or By-Laws. (In the case where the organization does not possess these required documents, at least fifty-one percent (51 %) of the executive members are required to be citizens of Trinidad and Tobago).


Resumes of at least three (3) members of the Executive. (Profiles and bios will are not accepted)


Festival Documentation:


Overview of Festival (background on festival, program of activities)


Marketing Plan(strategy for promotion)


Evidence to showcase the festival was hosted for at least three (3) years or for three (3) instances over a period of time in the form of: newspapers articles, advertisements (digital, print or video), memorabilia, sponsorship letters, tickets, official passes and flyers to name a few.


This section is optional. You can include any information you have here regarding you organisation’s membership in any related groups or other organisations within the sector.


Once you have successfully filled in all the required information the Registry Secretariat will receive a notification for processing. If you have missed anything we will not receive a notification. If you believe you have successfully completed the application please send an email to


Your application will be pre-assessed and you will be contacted if any documents or required portfolio evidence is outstanding.


Once your application has been successfully pre-assessed it will be submitted to the Assessment Committee at their monthly meeting.


Once the meeting is concluded you will contacted regarding the outcome.


If you are successful your Official Certificate will be generated after the meeting and you will be notified when it is ready for collection.