Cultural Exchange With China, The Forbidden City Chamber Orchestra

The Embassy of the People’s Republic of China, in an effort to further promote cultural exchanges between China and Trinidad and Tobago, sent The Forbidden City Chamber Orchestra (FCCO) from 3rd to 7th February, 2015. The Orchestra comprised of eleven classically- trained master musicians who represent the most distinguished group of musicians associated with the Beijing Conservatoire of Music. The FCCO is a most renowned group in China, performing regularly, while enjoying an extensive international tour schedule; praised for “its ability to represent the unparalleled splendour and elegance of traditional Chinese music.”

Chinese Ambassador, Mr. Huang Xingyuan, bringing greetings before the Forbidden City Orchestra performs.


Mr. Peter Telfer bringing greetings on behalf of The Ministry of Arts and Multiculturalism’s Culture Division.

The four-day visit consisted of performances and workshops. Public performances were free of charge. One officer from the Culture Division was assigned as a liaison to the delegation for the duration of their visit.

There was a series of performances at different locations across the country and the Minister of Arts and Multiculturalism, Dr. Lincoln Douglas, brought greetings with the Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China at the performance at the Little Carib Theatre.

More members of the Orchestra


Members of t he National Philharmonic Orchestra were among some of the local musicians to benefit from the workshop element of the cultural exchange.

The Forbidden City Chamber Orchestra also shared the stage with the indigenous instrument of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago – the steel pan through performance collaborations with the National Steel Symphony Orchestra.

The Forbidden City Orchestra collaborating with the National Steel Symphony Orchestra (N.S.SO) at their performance at the Naparima Bowl
Forbidden City Orchestra and the N.S.S.O
Jessel Murray conducting the N.S.S.O at the Naparima Bowl during the Forbidden City Orchestra’s Visit






A 'Post Performance Meet and Greet'
A ‘Post Performance Meet and Greet’ – Permanent Secretary, Mr. Maurice Suite (pictured right) greets the Chinese Ambassador, Mr. Huang Xingyuan.

The Ministry of Arts & Multiculturalism, through the Festival Development unit, is proud to continue to facilitate cultural exchange activities which will only strengthen the skill sets of our local cultural practitioners and widen international reach of our cultural products and heritage.