Renee Cummings

Renee CummingsRenee Cummings has been in public life for 25 years; educating and inspiring. Fascinated by the power of the image and the many ways in which we can use our personal brand to positively influence our career, Ms. Cummings, a professional development guru, has spent many years observing, supporting and influencing people’s career paths. She understands the power of YOU and how a polished image can push you ahead of the competition. She knows that the personal brand is a unique selling point. As an experienced consultant, retained by companies as a speaker, a trainer and an enthusiastic workshop leader, Ms. Cummings is familiar with the many challenges professionals face. She has a proven track record in corporate and individual counseling. Her passion is empowering people to influence the success of their own career.

Ms. Cummings is also a criminologist, criminal psychologist, rehabilitation specialist, substance abuse therapist and journalist. She holds an MA in Criminal Justice, MA certificate in Terrorism Studies, and an MS in Education/ MSEd in Rehabilitation Counseling. She also holds a triple BA degree, special honours, in Media Studies, Political Science and Philosophy with a minor in Creative Writing.

Celebrated as a media icon, she was Trinidad and Tobago’s and the Caribbean’s first female television sportscaster. An award winning international journalist and feature writer, Ms. Cummings is also a highly respected television and radio personality. She also facilitates best practice media and communication skills training. Also specializing in litigation Public Relations, she offers strategic support in crisis communications; issues management and stakeholder engagement; delivering direct communications and spokesperson assistance to organisations internationally. Ms. Cummings is also a university lecturer, motivational speaker and a sought after thought leader.