5 Top Tips for Performing Artistes

Hey everyone! Currently we are in the middle of what I refer to as carnival preparation season. Performing Artistes are meeting with producers to create new tracks for carnival 2k17 and they are also booking gigs for their performances at the upcoming season. Over the past five years in my law practice, I have noticed that every season, the industry is faced with similar issues and as such I have decided to compile the answers to frequently asked questions.  I am excited that Music TT agreed with my vision for educational videos and partnered with me to film and edit the content. Here is the first video targeted specifically to performing artistes, I do hope that you enjoy and find it useful as you prepare for your business endeavours this season and beyond!

Carla Parris is an Entertainment & Sports Lawyer with a Masters Degree in Entertainment Law. She has 12 years practical experience in the creative sector with a client base spanning the music, sports,film, fashion and broadcast sector. Apart from running her law practice, she has participated in 14  local and regional conferences in the area of creative sector development has  developed a series in the Business Guardian over the past two years which is run during carnival time and has appeared on several local TV and radio stations discussing the importance of intellectual property law to the business of creative and sporting sectors.