Our Society

The rich, diverse history, the physically varied natural and built heritage, and an eclectic mix of ethnic groups all contribute to the makeup of Trinidad & Tobago.

Our architecture is an example of cultural amalgamation, pulling influences from traditions from around the world inclusive of many customs indigenous to the island itself. Our artistic development is analogous to the origins of our ancestors. They also directly reflect a distinctly ‘Trinbagonian’ aesthetic which comes from our people.

Our development of traditional knowledge has combined the old and the new. As people of this twin-island nation, interacting and living our lives, we celebrate and remember our society everyday in many ways. More than anything else, The Remember When Institute seeks to honor the people of Trinidad & Tobago, by reminding us of who we are, and what we have accomplished as a community. It also seeks to safeguard our cultural heritage for generations and generations to come.

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