Our Literature

Trinidad & Tobago has produced some of the most notable writers, authors, poets, lyricists and researchers in the Caribbean many of whom have taken their inspiration from these islands and created their own unique vision of our society.

The Remember When Institute has gathered many of their works, both fiction and non-fiction, in a collection of literary texts that spans several decades, various genres, and different eras of our nation’s existence. This small anthology is but a page in the greater story of our society, representing only a portion of the masterworks originating from this island, and the voices of the people that continue to produce them.

our literature

Located within the annals of the Institute are many historically accurate, relevant texts and scripts, depicting the cultural heritage of this island. Potent works of local fiction abound, describing the life of characters that grew up, learned, lived and loved in this society at one point or another. Little known facts about the many ethnic groups which comprise our populace are recorded and kept, immortalizing our past heritage.

Humorous anecdotes, collections of song games, studies on local music and art and even a compendium of the unique phraseology that emerged from our people are held within the tomes of the Institute. The collection also includes books conceived of and written by brilliant, award-winning men and women from this island. Such an integral part of a society’s knowledge must be honored and kept, so that the forthcoming generations will have written touchstones to reflect upon, and a basis for future creative greatness.

BOOKS available at the Institute

  • Chock, Jeffrey – “Trinidad Carnival”
  • Elder, J.D. – “From Congo Drums to Steelband”
  • Elder, J.D.”Song Games from Trinidad and Tobago”
  • Elder, J.D. – “They Calypso & its Morphology”
  • Gonzlaez, Sylvia – “Steelband Saga: A Story of Steelband- the First 25 Years”
  • Mc Burnie, Beryl – “Dance Trinidad Dance”
  • Slater, John E. – “The Advent of Steel Band and My Life & Times with It”
  • Sookoo, Pariag R – “Deepwali: A Philosophical Interpretation”
  • Stuempfle, Stephen – “The Steelband Movement: The Forging of a National Art in Trinidad and Tobago”
  • Ware, Opoku – “Calypso-Soca- 20th Century Musical Phenomenon”
  • Williams, M.; Ramaya, N.; Albion-de Coteau, M – “Bhajans: East Indian Songs Vol. 1”

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