The Second in a series of Professional Development Workshops at Art Society

Professional Development Workshop[May 14]The second in a series of free workshops hosted by the National Registry of Artists and Cultural Workers is set for Thursday 14th May, 2015. Have you heard of the Artist Registry? Are you unsure of whether you stand to benefit from registering?

The Registry Secretariat successfully partnered with the Art Society to host the first of two free workshops in April 2015. The session began answering  questions on the purpose and overall benefits of the National Registry of Artists and Cultural Workers and what it specifically meant for Visual Artists. The upcoming session will recap and go further into guiding persons through the application forms and processes involved in registering.

Date: Thursday 14th May 2015

Time: 7.00- 8.30pm

Venue: Art Society, Jamaica Blvd. & St. Vincent Ave, Federation Park, Port of Spain

Due to space limitations persons are required to reserve seats by contacting the Artist Registry by phone at 753-3940, 627-5610 or by e-mail at