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  • How to apply for grant funding / sponsorship?
    Persons interested in sourcing financial assistance from the Ministry of the Community Development, Culture and the Arts will need to fill out a grants application form. These forms can be downloaded from the Ministry’s main webpage, .  Physical forms can also be collected at various offices of the Ministry.For more information please contactThe Grants Secretariat:
    (868) 625-6088/(868) 624-7360 Ext. 5225 to 5229.
    Level 18 Nicholas Towers
    63-65 Independence Square
    Port of Spain
    Trinidad and TobagoIt is also recommended that persons interested in sourcing funding should apply to become registered with the National Registry of Artists and Cultural Workers as this initiative facilitates the access of various benefits to artists and cultural workers. The National Registry registers individuals and organisations; and certifies the cultural work of individuals and organisations.
  • How to get technical support for an event / project?
    Persons interested in sourcing technical support for an event/ project should submit a written request to the Director of Culture head of the Culture Division in the Ministry of Community Development, Culture and the Arts. Correspondence should clearly outline the type of project or event, where it will be staged, the demographic of the audience and size; and should also include any additional information relevant to the execution of the event/ project. All correspondence should be addressed to the following:

Director of Culture
Culture Division
Ministry of Community Development, Culture and the Arts
51-55 Frederick Street
Port of Spain
Trinidad and Tobago

  • What does the Culture Division do?
    Quite a bit. However to learn more of our areas of focus check here.
  • What is the National Registry and how do I apply?

The National Registry of Artists and Cultural Workers is a programme of the Government of Trinidad and Tobago. For more information visit the Registry page for more information.

  • What events are the Ministry hosting / having?

Activities within the Culture division are posted here