Ministry of Tourism, Culture and the Arts



Festival Interventions

Festival Intervention is the mutual partnering of the ministry with a creative entity towards improved standards in Creative and Technical Design and Direction, Documentation and Marketing, toward increased audiences for and community participation in that particular creative product.

The objectives of “festival interventions” are to: Streamline the relationship between the entities and Ministry; Provide resources and support to help the entity realise its objectives; To aid in the development of high quality festivals and events; and to employ effective marketing strategies toward increased audiences, profitability and self-sufficiency.

Major Festival Interventions to date are:

  • “Building the Rhythm” Percussion Festival (2015)

Designed to develop audience appreciation for the long percussive history of Trinidad and Tobago while adding to the collective discourse on Trinbagonian Percussion, the festival consisted of mentorship, workshops, archiving and live performances over a 3 day period.

  • Trinbago Interactive Music Expo (T.I.M.E.) (2014)

Designed to bring musicians and other creative industry practitioners into contact with international industry professionals. The format was a series of interactive sessions and showcase events over a period of 4 days within the Carnival Season.

Other notable Festival Interventions to date include:

  • Calypso Tent Enhancement Project – Klassic Ruso Calypso Tent (2011)
  • Calypso Adjudication Project in Collaboration with TUCO
  • National Dance Association’s “Decades of Dance” Festival (2011)
  • National Parang Association’s Parang Season Events (2013)