The Edinburgh Festival Fringe is weird- but that’s the point!

In case you haven’t heard, T&T is being represented by a lovely delegation of artists and cultural workers at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2016 in Scotland. If you’re not too sure what that is, let me put it this way: the festival’s program is as thick as a TSTT phone book. With over 3,000 events in 3 weeks, being at the heart of the largest arts festival in the world is about a million times more overwhelming than being at Maracas Beach on a public holiday. Not only are there performers in every pub, theatre and open space, but the performers are rather…odd. As the name ‘Festival Fringe’ suggests, the festival features performers like acrobats, cabaret dancers, and Korean drummers…the kind of artists who you may not see on Broadway in New York, at the West End in London or even at Queen’s Hall in Port of Spain. Nevertheless, the public response is massive, attracting thousands of visitors from countries whose names I cannot pronounce. Our T&T delegation is perhaps the only Caribbean stronghold in this sea of international art and culture; and it is clear that our Moko Jumbies and Steelpan sides would fit right in. In 2017 the Edinburgh Festival Fringe will celebrate its 70th anniversary. It’s high time that the Caribbean is a part of it and I’m hoping we’re here to stay.

Rochelle Amour is an independent, non-fiction writer who is part of the current T&T delegation to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2016. She will be live-posting the event. Follow her on Twitter @rochelleamour for updates.