Mr. Ravindra Nath Maharaj

Ravindra Nath Maharaj, known as Raviji, returned from India in 1983 and in 1984 he started activities at Longdenville Mandir where he had been serving before he had left for India. He shaped the mandir as a community centre for worship, learning, performing arts, community care, youth development and fraternity. The mandir attracted people from all over the country and influenced the development of other mandirs.

He also started working with the Hindu Seva Sangh, organising Residential Youth Training Camps. These camps focused on Hindu History, Hindu World View and Culture, Ramayan, Gita, physical development and discipline. These camps continue today under various groups but mainly though the Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh which is led by youths who were trained by Raviji.

In 1985 he started a project called Mantra of the Year which ran for 20 years (1985-2004).Through the Mandir Outreach Programs these mantras of the years were taken to people all across the country and served as an ‘anthem’ for the year. The complete collection of Mantras of the years has been recorded on 2 CDs and they have been printed in many publications and sung at local and international programs.

Raviji has been active in the Divali Nagar from its inception. He has been the Theme Director for over ten years with the responsibility for the creative and thematic development of Divali Nagar.

Among his many accomplishments he has played the role of founder/organiser of a host of annual events in the East Indian community. He has also been a chairman and member of notable institutions and organisations ranging from a children’s home to the Carifesta Organisation Committee.

Raviji is a recipient of the Hummingbird Silver Medal, the Government of India Award for Community Service at the International Conference on Hindi, London, a Rotary Award and Divali Nagar Award for community service and numerous other awards for his service in the community both locally and internationally.